The new Network of CECOREX






Cecorex selected a symbolic name: LEONARDO, for its new network of knowledge development. A timeless, global image and name representing all of the knowledge of Leonardo’s time projected into an undefined future.
From the perfection of the Vetruvian man to the ironic smile of the Mona Lisa, from the architecture of the ideal city to the Leicester’s code, from the hundreds of machines to the thousands of ideas stimulating progress.
In summary, the homus sapiens projected from several perspectives into Nietzsche’s superman.
Because of all of this, LEONARDO’s contents are meant to be relevant to informing, developing knowledge and training. All of this is categorized in three areas of knowledge regarding the key aspects of being and becoming: an economic, social and humanistic area; an area relevant to health sciences; a technology area. Obviously this cannot cover all of the current knowledge fields, but it is certainly a good challenging beginning. The development of the challenge is going to be possible thanks to many contributors that already are part of the project and to other that will want to share their knowledge.
The Director and the Editorial Board